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Learn to say – NO to others and YES to yourself!

I realized that I don’t feel good if I give everyone everything they want just to please them or gain business.

In other words, now I feel free because I have life in my hands again.  I breathe without feeling weighed down.

Now I say NO without fear of what others might think. I walk away from situations that make me uncomfortable and disagree with things that conflict with my beliefs or don’t interest me.

Now I know that my time is important. Because my energy is important. I am important!

I should never waste time on things that do not bring me a sense of peace and joy. I should never feel like I have no choice, because there is always a choice. There are always alternatives.

I’ll make my own decision. I’m going to follow my heart. I will pay attention to my sixth sense. I will make mistakes and will be able to learn from them.

Without a doubt, it’s true – it’s hard to say – NO.

That’s a lot better than pretending I’m fine! That I am doing everything exactly the way others want it. And that at the same time suffering within me and screaming in the silence from¬†the stress.


Where are your boundaries?

Do you have them? Are you always available to everyone at any time, only to yourself – not?

You have to learn to say NO and it‚Äôs not easy. Although it sounds easy.¬† In truth – it isn’t.

NO – it’s a really short word, it only has two letters, but they have a lot of power.

Saying no is not a bad thing. You are not insulting others by doing so. You are simply exercising your will and right to say NO.

Learn how to say NO!

Saying NO does not mean you are selfish, but that you love yourself. This means that the question asked, the action, does not correspond to your beliefs, or something simply does not suit you at that moment.

Say NO to people spreading negativity. Say NO to those who laugh at your dreams. Say NO to hypocrites. To those who evoke strange feelings in you. You can’t be there for all. Get to know your priorities. Know your goals. And say NO to everyone else.


Learning to say NO in personal or business life! Is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but it seems extremely difficult to many. Why? Because they want to please and to be liked.

When you set boundaries, you will see many reasons why they are the way to the secret to success – to happiness – to peace of mind.

Say NO to anything that limits you, puts you in a bad mood, causes you pain, or those actions that make you sad, and say a big – YES – to yourself.

You know what – I’m free and I’ve spread my wings like an eagle. I am what I am. Happy, without the invisible armor of the surroundings.

Shake off the expectations of others – spread your wings and fly!


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Author of the article: pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager and Tina Orter.

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