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During reorganizations, change is unavoidable; don't be afraid of it because it is the path to new growth.

Businesses restructure for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are forced to do so due to changing markets that necessitate a new approach, or reorganization is required for growth. 

Change is unavoidable during reorganizations.

Why do employees experience fear, paranoia, uncertainty, and distraction when the word “reorganization” is mentioned?


People are the most difficult obstacles to reorganization. Why? They are accustomed to working in a stable manner, which reorganization prevents because they must approach tasks differently. 

Also prevents one from falling into fixed patterns and encourages one to constantly consider progress.

It is critical that the entire team participates in the reorganization because this is the quickest way to complete it. Reorganization should be done gradually!  Changing everything at once would be a recipe for confusion, if not chaos.

In my 25 years of experience, one of the most common and fundamental mistakes companies make is failing to include all employees or to do so early enough in the reorganization process. 

You must realize that an organizational chart is merely a skeleton of the company. All of the employees are the muscles and tissue that hold it together and allow it to function.

Treat people with dignity and respect and inform them of what is going on. Ignoring them and keeping secrets from them is the biggest mistake. Don’t lie to make yourself feel better. Tell exactly what is going on in the company and that you require their cooperation in all areas.


You must be specific. Explain in a language they can understand. What is causing this? What will happen and when will it happen? What does this mean for their jobs? What do you anticipate from them? How can they help to improve the company?

It is also critical that we take some of the employee suggestions into account so that they are more motivated to change. Respond as soon as possible and keep communication open.

The reorganization is complete when everyone in the company starts following the new rules.

Being open from the start is a risk that will not work in every company. But there is a good chance that employees will feel connected to the company and will do everything possible to ensure success.

The reorganization must be led by someone who is not involved in the company’s process. 

I am available if you require the services of an expert. 

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Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager and Tina Orter.

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