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Solving problems

Approach to problem-solving!

There is no school in the world that will teach you how to run the company and business in which you are involved.

As soon as I enter the company, I can already tell what the main problem and issue are from the outside signs.

Because any change for the company can be critical, not only positive, I developed a method based on natural laws. I called it the Dynamic Leadership Model.

With it, changes occur without major shocks and negative consequences for all parties.

Approach to problem-solving!

My concept of work is based on separating the personal influence of the individual from the business model, because this is the only way further “problems” in the company can be curbed.

I help companies not only with internal changes but also with cooperation with external partners and official institutions, I am an officially registered lobbyist in the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Serbia. I work with all local communities and governments in SE Europe, so I have direct contacts in various fields.

I offer my clients a comprehensive approach to solving problems.

There is no school anywhere in the world that would teach you how to run the company you are in.

My advantage is to turn your company into a classroom. And I teach you exactly what you need to make you and your business successful.

In this classroom, there are no grades, and nothing is “forced”, but I create an environment in which you enjoy and make changes with ease.

The first step we take is to get to know each other really well, trust is the most important thing at work. Which means I work at the highest level of trust.

This way I can solve fears, doubts…problems that come from the deepest depths.

That is why the process is long-term because trust is not established overnight, although sometimes there is energy as if we have known each other forever, but this energy also needs to be “grounded” with actions.

The process is completely identical to the growth and maturation of a child in early childhood (0-6 years). Where the child looks up to his parent, who naturally takes him as an authority figure. So if I want you to make a sustainable shift, I need to establish a top-level authority that requires strong trust.

Only then can you follow me unconditionally. However, this is not about blindly following, but about becoming motivated enough to make changes in yourself. And this is a radical change.

If I perceive that someone is not ready to really work on themselves, I stop the cooperation.

I use a very wide range of skills in my work. Mainly to be able to find a language you understand because this is the first condition for establishing trust. Then, “in a language you understand”, I show all the mistakes in the personal and business field. In a “painless” way, and also the causes of them. In doing so, I teach you the skills with which you will eliminate these causes and repair the resulting damage.

I teach each individual to lay the right foundations because only in this way can you really solve the situation. Everything else is “fog stirring”, as they say to us consultants.

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Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager and Tina Orter.

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