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Goodbye SIRIUS!

My thoughts are increasingly turning to the situation in Slovenia. I’m dealing with what an anomaly we live in and when I watched the Studio City show on Monday, I can say that the show was a real revelation. As if the question confirmed it to me: “Is Slovenia a state governed by the rule of law at all? Does Slovenia even formally exist legally? Should its existence be verified before the Constitutional Court? "

Namely, I always wanted to make an analysis of how many laws are current in Slovenia or. how many are based, on the right basis… and how many decisions have destroyed thousands of lives due to misinterpretation. Just because the law says so. A law that doesn’t really apply at all!

This voice and anger is getting stronger in me and when I followed the last messages of the Slovenian leaders, I saw that this is exactly what they are saying and then I wonder if they are also chosen correctly as leaders?

In these days, which are primarily intended to calm down and to turn to ourselves, not to rage, headless parties, to become even more alienated from myself, I have also delved deep into myself, but not so much into my needs and desires , but there very deep, in that voice that has been loud since ancient times. A call for battle, for rebellion. I started to tackle this gradually, namely I am still in the phase of preparation, for deepening in myself.

Last weekend, I finished the year-round “therapy only”, where I wanted to prepare for life in an instant.

The process has been long and arduous as I have removed from my life all distractions of feelings that want to divert attention from my true nature like sugar, cigars, alcohol… especially in recent days, these feelings have been very much alive and I have seen it all what previously seemed unimportant to me. And now all of a sudden I find this the biggest pain, but in reality it was here all the time, I just didn’t see it, so it couldn’t hurt. However, now that I am aware of this, I can also correct and make it so that it will support my personal goals.

Well, I ended the process by visiting the Pyramids, which were discovered near Poreč in Croatia. But these pyramids were not necessarily made for living, they were made, like a station, for someone who is not necessarily from this civilization of ours. I find that we have a feeling that we are eternal. And far from it. Living beings also have their evolution, and just as we were created, we will disappear one day and maybe some similar civilization will come… and these pyramids are remnants, some other civilizations. If we want to understand it, we will have to think differently, with different patterns. These are not traps or communication channels with other civilizations… they are just rubbish like we leave behind every day.

So I stood on the pyramid of Sirius, whose name has accompanied me for the last 20 years. I did not invent this name myself, but someone who was in my Heart at the time and I now say goodbye to him.

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And at that moment I also met a book or a call… The Kingdom of the Old Slovenes of Dubrovnik and the Mljet Abbot Mavr Orbini was first published in 1601. It describes the origin of almost all peoples who spoke Old Slovene. It also describes their many and varied conquests in Europe, Asia, and Africa, the development of their kingdoms, their ancient beliefs, and the period of their Christianization. The name (old) Slovenes is relatively young and our ancestors had many other names before that. All Old Slavic peoples spoke a single language; this is the crowning proof that they all come from the same lineage, namely, Japheth, the eldest son of Noah. Therefore, the history of our ancestors can be traced back to the time after the last space dive, as did Orbini. The Vatican banned the book two years after its publication and included it in its list of banned books, as it proves too precisely and clearly the dominance of the old Slovenes, these descendants of the first people, from the Bronze Age onwards, and also clearly states that In the middle of the first millennium, the old Slovenes occupied our places, the locals there spoke the same Old Slovene language!

It was translated into Slovene this year by Peter Amalietti, and so I actually got an insight into the old psychological patterns of our nation that I deal with.

I myself deal with psychological patterns from early childhood that influence business decisions.

While in my doctoral dissertation I was looking for a solution so that the Mayor with his personality would not have too much influence on the development of the municipality he leads. Mainly because they put themselves in the role of the absolute leader. Not here now to keep in mind Ljubljana and its mayor. He had to come as a knight to wake her. But now that she’s awake, she has to move on.

In my research work, I proposed a solution to separate the setting of the strategy of the municipality from the current government, so that the nation or. the local community itself… more in the book Dynamic model of management of local administrative systems.

Pyramid SIRIUS - Milan Krajnc

Now, as I read these more than 400-year-old records dating back a few thousand years, I see that in fact it was sometimes the case that a nation chose its leader, but they did not expect the leader to create their own destiny. , they always had it in their hands.

So now all these records only confirm to me that it is necessary to revive the forgotten knowledge and transfer it to the current time, because in this way we will primarily revive our code record in the DNA that re-awakens, that our true nature.

So now I see that the Dynamic Model of Leadership, in fact, is the one that awakens the forgotten nature that brings us back to ourselves, from where we come from.

In the book Kingdom of Old Slovenes, I see that we were once born Warriors and this is in fact our code record. The key to the code record, however, I now see in the Dynamic Control Model. The Knights will slowly wake up and reawaken the Slovenian nation. And not into war, but into life.

If I look at it so logically, I could say that we Slovenes really have a Warrior in us and that we have to fight all the time if we do not fight for a clear goal, we fight with ourselves (depression). And if we weren’t warriors, we wouldn’t be able to exist as long, given the size we are.

This confirms my model from my doctoral dissertation so that I can transfer the same to the regional and national level and our primary CODE will be activated.

Now it is also clear to me that I did not come from SIRIUS, but from somewhere much further, but I am still looking for my home.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
Corruption, a reflection of the leadership of the state - Milan Krajnc
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Corruption, a reflection of running the country!

I have been dealing with the psychology of leadership for more than 20 years, and above all the causes of successes and failures. In doing so, as an entrepreneur and researcher, I develop methodologies that enable success. However, not success at any cost, but success that arises on the basis of potentials. Thus, I am developing the scientific science of Dynamiology, which actively studies living processes and phenomena in the connection between man and nature. Previously, I have already substantiated the business methodology Dynamic management model based on the laws of natural order. In short, I want to encourage the development of people’s potentials, or as they say in general language, the light of people.

We make the biggest mistake in our society to create a non-motivational work process, and not just financially, especially communication and interpersonal relationships. And then, instead of setting up services and offices to help and encourage, we create repressive bodies, we send inspectors like scarecrows around, instead of like mentors.

And all these measures are in fact fostering corruption in the state administration. Even though we want to do as much as possible, to a fair society. In reality, this forced honesty, just killing what little healthy is left.

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So if we really want to solve corruption, we need to change the way we work and, above all, the attitude towards employees. In reality, we must not deal with corruption at all, but with relations and the way we work, and above all, we must establish a healthy work environment.

What does a healthy environment even mean?

Where there is a clear goal, a job, and where a person has a formed personal goal to know why he or she is in a particular job at all. And after almost 20 years of active cooperation with the municipal and state administration, I can only confirm that… there are no clear goals. When there is no clear goal, a theme is born in us and everything related to it… also corruption. However, no one who thinks soundly is targeted by a corrupt act. This means that whoever is involved in corruption has been forced into it by the system. Because a healthy system is designed to encourage satisfaction among employees, and a bad system encourages satisfaction through corruption.

So who is to blame for corruption, the one who exploits it, or the one who runs the system?
Thus, we can look for the culprit indefinitely, so it is important to stop using energy to persecute, but to create a healthy – stimulating process where corruption does not exist at all.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
What do new technologies bring in the field of life psychology? Milan Krajnc
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What do new Technologies bring to the field of Life psychology

Over the last 100 years we have witnessed the extremely rapid development of industry and thus of technology. The human psyche, which had previously developed very slowly for thousands of years, had to develop and improve extremely fast. This, in turn, increased the number of mental illnesses as well as the various substances needed for survival and revival. Nevertheless, we tolerated this rapid shock relatively well, because our way of working did not change, it only accelerated.

But now with Blockchain, 5G, Dynamic Leadership Model, Quantum Mindset the logic of thinking will change completely. We now worked in a way that we had every step under control. In the new period, women can remain “normal” because they can do several things at once, and given the predispositions of men, I doubt that for a long time. Namely, that the new technologies completely deprive them of their own control over the environment and only encourage confidence. 

This means that we need to focus more on ourselves. Stabilize yourself, be aware. Because if we do not speed up, the blackest scenarios can happen that technology and others take complete control over us.


  • Blockchain does not allow any more manipulation, which means that we have to be completely honest at the beginning. This means that before we conclude an agreement and sign it, we must think carefully and look deep inside ourselves, because there will be no turning back. It will no longer be possible to negotiate with emotionless technology.
  • 5G, gives you complete control over the technology and the information... about who you hang out with, what you do... and unknowingly hanging out with people who have made mistakes on purpose, means your "rating" is lower, and can affect the price of collateral to open a bank account...
  • DMV, works on the principle of nature or, as we use the term "separation" in technology, eliminates everything that is unhealthy. And only that which remains is in harmony with the goals of the system and the development of one's own potential.
  • Kvantna miselnost,thinking is thinking without limits. No more, my... your... Quantum thinking knows neither the past nor the future, it means an extremely open mind... ...right here and now!

And maybe we could find something. New technologies prevent tampering, but they do bring confidence and a very high level of awareness. If we do not consciously ascend ourselves, the technology and those who master it, will think that we are manipulating, and then we will become enemy number one.

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Are we even ready for new times?

We are not, not even close, but we will have to do something, because we will not be able to do it while we live.

Or is it simply this turning point when we approach the 10 billion population, which is too critical for the Earth itself and which we have to halve?

This decision will be difficult, but nature itself will not wait indefinitely and simply cut itself with an earthquake, a volcano, a disease…

Nature will create a balance because we do not know it ourselves. Unless we are faster. 

* -Dynamics – unlocking natural secrets!

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
The difference between diamond and graphite - Milan Krajnc
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What is the difference between Diamond and Graphite?

Application of Dynamology

At first, I was extremely excited to “invent” a new scientific science that actively studies “living” processes and phenomena in the connection between man and nature! Which I named Dynamiology. And now that I have sent this to more than 100 scientists around the world from different directions to give their opinions, suggestions… and in general the meaning, my ideas. Did I also ask myself about the purpose of this? What will humanity be able to do with Dynamiology? How to use it?

Of course, it basically talks about how to transfer processes in nature into a business process, but the methodology still needs to be elaborated in detail. That it will actually be useful.

What I found particularly interesting and above all unique was the making of the seven steps by which we can make a complete transformation, especially the record and definition of these seven steps from which I derived the seven stages of Wisdom. But the whole story is just beginning. Despite the fact that I am basically a technician and a physicist, I have only now seen a comparison between these seven steps of transformation between light, sound… namely, we have seven colors, the visible part.

Serious personal transformation - Milan Krajnc

We have seven visible colors of light:

We have seven solmization syllables: 

The difference between diamond and graphite - Milan Krajnc
The difference between diamond and graphite - Milan Krajnc

So at the moment I am also exploring the seven chakras, the seven points of the soul body.

What is the difference between diamond and graphite - Milan Krajnc

With physical body.

So that won’t run out of material, but when I find that point of contact, I’ll actually get to the code of success. Namely, if we look at nature, we can see that it is perfect. So I realize that when I finally develop Dynamiology, I will come up with a methodology that we can do for everyone and anything to make it perfect!

Namely, there is no universal tool or universal code, everyone has their own. However, Dynamiology is the science of decoding natural secrets. And by knowing this science, everyone will be able to unlock exactly the secret they will need.

Not to be misunderstood, it’s not about magic, miracles… it’s just about the right order of how things should go.

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How many times do you feel like you’re doing the “right” things, but there’s no real result. Your neighbor, on the other hand, makes a 1000 times bigger result with his left hand. It doesn’t mean he found the code, but by some coincidence, he just took the steps to the result in the right order. Well, he basically found her, but he’s not aware of it.

Just as carbon (C) must be properly “stacked” in nature to get Diamond, only one different position of Carbon, we get Graphite, which is otherwise useful… but you have to do a lot with it to be able to buy Diamond in the end.

Vision - Milan Krajnc

So the differences are in the little things… so you continue to follow the development of Dynamology, but you can also help by buying some of my books www.BookStore.MK

Thank you and welcome to the world of SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY!

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
Dynamic circle - Milan Krajnc
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Dynamic circle

Become the Master of yourself!

Based on more than 20 years of experience, we have created a holistic approach to achieve a balance between body, intellect, emotions and soul.

We dedicate ourselves to each individual individually with the support of experts.

How the cooperation works:

  1. Sign up at Office@to-Be.Institute
  2. Do an interview with a psychotherapist where we assess your untapped psychological and intellectual potentials and psychological barriers.
  3. Do a medical examination and talk to your doctor where we assess your untapped physical potentials and physical barriers.

Then an individual plan is made, by areas:


  1. We teach you to breathe.
  2. We choose the sport that is most suitable for you. And we carry it out together with you.
  3. With a food expert, you review your current diet and compile new menus for you (we go to the store / market… with you and help you choose).


  1. We review the functioning of your brain.
  2. Let’s set up a different organization of the day so that there are no more stressful moments.
  3. We help regulate thought processes.

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  1. We look at your emotional stalemate.
  2. With the help of experts, we teach you to recognize your emotions.
  3. We help you overcome all emotional congestion and teach you to live with yourself.


  1. Let’s look at what is causing your anxiety.
  2. Let’s clear your congestion and teach you to calm down!

Let’s put harmony in your life that will go according to the development of your potentials. In doing so, you will no longer respond to negative surroundings, but will enjoy your peace.

Location: all over Slovenia

Storitve - Milan Krajnc
Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
Trojan horse in the subconscious - Milan Krajnc
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A Trojan horse in the subconscious

More and more people turn to me because they cannot “free” their parents. These parents are in their minds, even if some of them have already died or live very far away.

I will try once again to explain where these parents are hiding! And that the bodily parents themselves have not much to do with the parents who are in our heads.


How does human psychology work?

We are born as an unlisted leaf, but we have many things written in our genes. However, these records are only activated under certain conditions. The pen with which we write on our sheet is called EGO. EGO records how our environment lives. It writes a kind of life writing. To the extent that these records forbid us to live according to the records in our genes, we will live according to the life scan written by EGO. So we will live according to an alien scenario. In this scenario, we often mention the parents, who are also our authority, those who teach us to live and survive because we are grateful for their lives, but at the same time they are also the “executioners” of our freedom. They do not let us live the way we feel. I am talking about parents who are written down, not about those who really live with us. It’s true that we have copied this script from living parents, but we must be aware that they too had to rewrite this scenario by someone. Do we understand each other? Everyone is responsible for his own life, and everyone takes as much of his life as he wants. And if we take someone else’s life scenario, it means that we have chosen the shortest way. It follows that only human beings are basically lazy, and then it takes a lot of work to get back to our potential. We always take the longest path in life when we look for shortcuts. Therefore it is not worth copying in life.

So if we want to get rid of our parents, in our head, we have to face them. And not physically, but where they are in their head.

Namely, these “parents” are in our head as “complexes / patterns” that hinder us in our personal development. We also call them prohibitions. But Prohibition always “implants” us, our authority. Therefore we need a new authority to overcome this prohibition. And we can be that authority ourselves.

Only if we give ourselves permission will we be able to live freely.

We must first face this prohibition and accept that it is not our parents, but ourselves. As long as we refuse this, we will not be able to make a change.

But if we start thinking about giving ourselves a ban (and it does not matter why, because we will start cycling), we will automatically trigger the concept of salvation. This is how our brains work. If you give them a task to solve something, they will always come to the end. The condition for this is that we believe in what we have ordered from them. However, since these are psychologically stressful processes, the brain needs enough oxygen and fresh blood… that is, enough physical activity so that we can bear all the emotional stress that follows more easily. Therefore, the method Dynamic Circle is recommended here.

So we only have to confront ourselves, and then we get the reward that our greatest curse automatically fails.


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In my work I am often criticized for bringing the past into the foreground. Simply because it interferes with everyday life and does not let us live in reality.

That is why I have developed a model of leadership in business and politics that allows us to clear the “past” from our daily lives, the Dynamic Model of Leadership.

If we want to meet ourselves, we have to prepare ourselves.Because in our early childhood, the environment implanted these psychological causes into our subconscious, like Trojan horses. And the contents of these Trojan horses directly cause wars. The Trojan horse needs external confirmation, which means that we will always include someone in the game.

So these are games that take place within us, but they are not ours, so we cannot control them. Only if we push this Trojan horse back outside will we be free.

That means we have to try very hard. We must be physically fit and have peace around us. Then we concentrate our thoughts on what is hindering us and thus actually trigger the purification process.


  1. Write down characteristics that bother you in others.
  2. Read them again in 5 days if you have time.
  3. Be alone and have at least 3 hours, and eliminate all distractions.
  4. Think about everything you have written.
  5. And you need to give yourself answers.
  6. The answers will come naturally.
  7. And as you peel an onion, prohibition will get smaller and smaller but more and more burning.
  8. You will free yourself from it.

If there is more, I recommend that you use the SiriusPersonalTransformation method or visit the school at Personal Change.

And if someone wants to influence someone, he will never do it with quick actions, but always in the long run, slowly, as best friend or biggest ally.

As soon as you live, you no longer need credit, only what you feel!

* -If you notice a typo in the text, it means that you are not concentrating enough on the content. 😉

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
Let's write an obituary - Milan Krajnc
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Let’s write an Obmotion!!

In these days of self-isolation we get advice, books, TV shows, internet content... all kinds of content is available to us free of charge... my humble opinion is that this is not good, because we will only increase the distance to ourselves.

Ten years ago we were in a similar situation, it was not only an economic crisis, it was a moral crisis – morale rose a little. But we did not start to become aware of ourselves. Now the economic crisis will be the result of a health crisis, and again I do not think it will sober us up enough to focus on ourselves. We may not even know how to explain this concept. What does it mean to deal with oneself?

  • Advisor as a personality: Have you perhaps forgotten yourself at some point in your life? As a result, you experienced a congestion that accumulated t.i. psychological garbage. With the SPTTM method, we first clear up these congestions, congestions that have arisen from our own fears, shadows, molds of our own imprisonment. With this method we succeed in leading the counselor out of darkness into light, out of our own captivity into freedom.
  • The advisor as manager: The process becomes part of the individual as a limb of the individual, so that quick changes are not possible or resistance changes with quick changes. The SiriusSPTTM method is a managed process that leads the top management or the owner of the capital to personal growth and to setting priorities in personal and business life. There is no universal recipe, everything that is universal in the SPTTM method is ten steps, everything else is written to the individual. We also teach the consultant never to fall into darkness again, which is made possible by the tool Dynamic Communication Model (DCM).

That does not mean that we are gonna find a hobby, that we are gonna clean up, that we are gonna hang out with friends. it means we start talking to our loved ones about how we feel about them and around them. It’s a conversation about feelings. Even if you live alone, you are talking to yourself. What do you feel deep inside, where are your limits… What do you want anyway!

  • Turn off TV and the radio!
  • Stop reading the book you are reading and write the end of the book yourself.
  • Draw a plan for your life.
  • Draw yourself with colors.

 It may all seem a bit romantic, but it is time for us to stop and think about where we are going and where we are going when “maybe” it is over.

  1. Start writing an OBMOTION… what it should look like, what should be written on it.
  2. Then write a will, what you are leaving to whom, what you want to say to someone.
  3. And finally, write a farewell to your childhood.

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The current Slovenian government will successfully create a balance for life. It will also have to set a goal for how we will look like, after what the new school will look like, how it will look like every day…

In Japan, for example, even primary schools do not get grades until three years, but because they learn morality, ethics and attitudes towards themselves.

If we do not become sober enough in this crisis, there will be a crisis when people die of hunger. So keep the obituary that you will write today ready for those times!

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
Since I could not stop myself, I stopped the world - Milan Krajnc
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Since I could not stop myself, I stopped The world

I am always waiting for something...

… I came to this realization yesterday when I was thinking about what tires me the most. Since November I have literally been dreaming that I will soon move to a sandy beach and do nothing there. I have no problems with work, but I was “killed” by the fact that I could not organize my own time, that I was a prisoner of others, that I was adapting to others.

I could not wait until Friday evening, so I could turn off the phone and hope that it would not be too fast on Sunday evening when I was getting ready for the new week.

I wanted the day when I would not be on the phone anymore and that my only contact with the world would be just an email that I would check once a week… if!

I just could not take it anymore, I did not know how to take a holiday, because
all activities depended on liquidity. But what I was missing was very rationally organized, it would mean the collapse.

 I just wanted to somehow stop time, stop the world, rest and fall asleep, not let anything down, put things in their place, and at the same time nobody asked me for anything.

Many times I was told to watch out for what I wanted…

But I wanted so much that tonight there was a decree that we should be home. I do not know who to thank, Virus, Janez Janša, but God Himself. Did I bring
this Virus and the conclusion of everything with my strong desire.

Yes, I can imagine that too, because I did not know how to stop myself, I stopped the world.

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I think I became the happiest man in the world today. Now I also know how I will use my thoughts for other wishes 😉

And I myself will have no problem these days with what to do, because I have worked hard enough and I have done everything. Now I know that I just have to rest or let everything that has been done grow.

Maybe also YOU, so take a look at the current situation. You have been too busy and now you have a well-deserved rest. The price is provided by the country where you live.

Storitve - Milan Krajnc

I am going to retire to a warm bed. Good night.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
How can one spend time in Isolation? Milan Krajnc
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How can one spend time in Isolation?

The period of self-isolation will not end so quickly. This means that our life habits will change completely. We will be limited to a few square meters and to certain people.

Perhaps even such a virus is “welcome” in a way, because the pace of life has become too fast, we have simply lost the compass completely, we have gone wild at such a speed that we no longer know who we are and where we are going. But now we are forced to calm down and stop. Even if we used to exercise regularly, our body is tired. This tiredness is hidden in our cells.

That is why it is important to get enough sleep first and to set a schedule or a new routine. After all, the most important thing is not to “dissolve”, but at the same time not to be too strict with ourselves.

This is an ideal time to focus on ourselves and find out who we are and what we want. Because life after the “crisis” will be completely different. We will become more aware and more aware of ourselves and our needs. Above all, we will begin to value our time.

Everything we have given at birth is time. And it depends only on us how we will survive it and with whom we will share it. And the less time we devote to ourselves, the harder it will be to feel ourselves at all.

It is important to exclude external information such as bad news in this time trenutku as much as possible and concentrate on yourself.

It is important to start to discover what you like. And when the crisis is over, continue with this “habit” when the possibilities are even greater. You will see that you like to discover yourself, especially through your eyes, that it is a story without limits, and so you will concentrate completely on yourself, on your energy, and the outside world will suddenly no longer interest you.

How to spend time in isolation? Milan Krajnc

How to begin?

After you have fallen asleep and rested. The period of calming down and resting lasts about 10 days, but if you say now I have to start doing something when I do not feel crazy. This is the right time to start working on yourself.

1. First of all you have to take care of your body. You must take the body like a machine. A machine that needs to be maintained regularly and supplied with energy. We must start to discover what our body likes. Not all sports are suitable for everyone. Now that you are limited in your movement, you can do this by familiarizing yourself with body stretching exercises and breathing exercises. In this way, you can make the body flow, there is no more energy accumulation causing nausea. At the same time you can start doing strength exercises, especially for your back and abdominal muscles.

Physical fitness is especially important because of the thought processes, because changing habits, fears, pain… these are all thought processes, and the more fitness we have, the easier it is to bear or to overcome.

Thinking processes are processes that take place in the brain, and the brain needs enough oxygen and fresh blood to function, which can only be achieved through movement. So it is important that when we say we are starting to work on ourselves, we start with the body.

When the crisis is over, we will start to think further and discover the sports we like. We do not have to practice just one sport all the time, how we change, how our needs change.

The most important thing here is to listen to yourself all the time, what you like. Do not do a particular sport because your friends like it, so that they are not
alone; or that you feel guilty because someone is running a marathon and you only go to dance practice twice a week… it’s important that you like it.

Even if it is about “fuel” for the body, it is important not to listen to others about what is healthy. It is important that each individual has what they like and what their body needs.

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2. The next step is the work on yourself or. personal growth is the discovery or. getting to know the intellect. Namely, that we need to give our brains something else to think about, not what we do all day. So there is nothing wrong with crosswords, video games, art studies… just to have something else to think about… the worst thing is to have TV, facebook, twitter… and other similar social networks. Because then someone else is thinking for us. 3. The next step is to discover our emotions. Emotions are not love, romance, art… but what entertains us, where we feel good… So love is just a reflection of discovering emotions. Emotions are really fun. So we have to start doing only what we like. But that does not mean that we only do one thing. But with what is available to us and what needs to be done, we do it the way we like it. Do not do things because someone told you to do them, do them the way you feel right, and have fun doing them. 4 The last step to discovering your personality is to discover your inner peace. What is it that calms you? Try meditation, prayer, knitting… Meditation or. the search for inner peace basically focuses on one thing until you no longer hear what is going on around you. And if you complete all four of these steps equally within ten days and do it regularly. This means that you will find the key to your balance, or in other words, to your inner peace. Namely, the inner peace that all people around the world are looking for is always within us, we just have to make it. In the order I have described to you, which should not take longer than half an hour per day, you will find inner peace.
Inner Peace - Milan Krajnc

However, the time you spend now should first be used to find out who you are and what you want in the first place. The most difficult part is the beginning. That is why I do not expect, and it is not even healthy if you start tomorrow. Start with an activity and then add slowly. Namely, that rapid change is the worst thing in our lives. That is why we can say that the time of isolation will basically be the time when we have to prepare for a new, better, more peaceful life that follows the crisis.

The time after the crisis will really be our time, which means that by establishing our inner peace we will create the conditions for our potential, our diamond, our value to shine in full light.

So let us take the time to calm down inwardly and be prepared for the time ahead. After all, the real crisis will only come when the health crisis is over. That is why it is important that we calm ourselves down now as much as possible, that we get to know ourselves, that we create a band of positive energy around us, so that
opportunities arise that correspond to our potential for the people we will be joining.

In times of crisis, the worst thing is to blame others for looking for all kinds of excuses; now it is important to look inside ourselves and see what we can make the best of all this, especially out of ourselves.

Above all, it is important to talk to the people you live with. Not to mention the weather and the crisis. But about emotions, about what you feel when you see and hear something. You can talk about how certain events remind you of certain colors, sounds… it’s important to start talking about what we really feel. Because all our lives we have been in a hurry and we have been in a complete denial of our primary emotions. However, through conversation and by balancing ourselves, we bring the primary emotions back to life.

Therefore it is important that we find security and this healthy self-confidence in ourselves again and that we open ourselves with our feelings to the world. We call this starting to watch with the heart.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
Personal therapy - Milan Krajnc
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Personal therapy

SiriusPersonalTransformationTM is a stand-alone method or one of the processes of the SiriusCBT method, which can be thoroughly "cleaned" by itself.

It is a current that works on the same principle as nature, which makes changes or. who purifies herself. SiriusSPTTM is useful as a work methodology from two aspects:

  • Counselor as a personality: Have you forgotten about yourself at some point in your life? As a result, you began to experience congestion, which accumulated t.i. psychological garbage. With the SPTTM method, we first clear these congestions, congestions that have arisen on the basis of our own fears, shadows, molds of our own captivity. It is with this method that we manage to take the counselor from darkness to light, from our own captivity to freedom.
  • Counselor as manager: The process becomes part of the individual as a limb, so quick changes are not possible or resistance changes quickly. The SiriusSPTTM method is a managed process that leads top management or the owner of capital to personal growth and setting priorities in personal and business life. There is no universal recipe, everything that is universal is ten steps in the SPTTM method, everything else is written to the individual. we also teach the counselor to never fall into the dark again, which is made possible by the Dynamic Communication Model (DCM) tool.

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What will you gain from this?

  • You will find it easier to control yourself in unforeseen situations (fear, accident, panic situations…).
  • The number of errors in quick decision making will be reduced.
  • You will approach life’s problems more holistically.
  • In trouble, you will respond faster.
  • You will learn to observe and control your actions.
  • You will be able to anticipate the reaction of the environment to your own decisions (even before you decide).
  • You will quickly perceive the needs of others.
  • You will control time.
Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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